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Biostatisticians: 3 Tips to Knowing When Adaptive Design Is Right for Your Clinical Trial

If you're reading this as a biostatistician or clinical trial professional, you know that the pharmaceutical industry is shifting from classical to adaptive clinical trial design in an effort to reduce NDA failure rate, lower the cost of research and development, and expedite the precision medicine movement. As a member of the Talent & Culture team at Veristat (a CRO), I spend a great deal of time speaking with people like yourself, many of whom are potential candidates excited about the opportunity to work at a company where they may get exposure to an adaptive design trial. Realizing the consistency across these conversations, I have begun wondering if their interest in adaptive designs is a result of it being a current trends, or if it is because adaptive design truly offers increased efficiencies. As a result, I have spent some time research when adaptive design might not be right for a clinical trial and have found two articles that discuss when it is appropriate to use them.

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What You Missed at the Event of the Year | #DIA2016

Veristat joined over 6500+ life sciences professionals at the Drug Information Associations (DIA) Annual Meeting  that recently took place in Philadelphia, PA. The conference featured over 175 topics in 25 tracks covering the latest innovations, trends, challenges, and solutions faced by drug developers today. The hottest topics of the meeting were related directly to recent industry trends and events, including increased patient safety, the Zika outbreak, harnessing data to find cures, and many more.

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