Functional  Service Provider (FSP)

Helping you augment your team with hard-to-find experts. 

Clinical study leaders in small and mid-sized biotech organizations work with Veristat to solve their capacity challenges across all functions of novel drug development. We supply hard-to-find and highly skilled scientific experts that seamlessly complement and integrate into your in-house teams, processes, and environments.

Backed by the strength of a world-class CRO with 30 years of experience in clinical trial planning and execution for novel therapies, our scientific experts can help you manage the ebb and flow of your workforce needs with solutions tailored to your study, project budget, and business goals.

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Manage Your Resources Exactly When and Where You Need

Demand-driven functional Resourcing

Tailored, demand-driven functional resourcing from Veristat ensures that your focus remains on meeting milestones and accelerating time to market.

FSP and strategic resourcing for drug and biologic development


Learn How Veristat's FSP Capabilities Can Minimize the Risks of Failure and Missed Milestones.


Dedicated Resources that Seamlessly Integrate into Dynamic Clinical Environments

Our service-oriented experts will rapidly fill your skills gap and augment your team so that your most complex activities and projects advance at full speed.

We help find you the right staff in the following disciplines:

  • Biostats/Programming & Data Management
  • Regulatory Consulting
  • Clinical Operations
  • Medical/Regulatory Writing
  • Pharmacovigilance/Safety

Common Sponsor Challenges:

  • Sourcing hard-to-find expert in clinical operations for novel therapies 
  • Integrating a team to support patient accrual rates while maintaining data submission timelines 
  • Securing Regulatory Affairs lead to take Sponsor through to NDA submission 
  • Progressing a stalled trial 
  • Deploying medical writers on a rolling basis 
  • Reducing activation times for clinical trial sites 
  • Accelerating a database build 

Veristat Results Delivered:

  • Capacity gaps filled with fully-vetted expert resources 
  • Business-as-usual for mission-critical work 
  • Dedicated on-site skill set  
  • Scale-up/scale down flexibility 
  • Compliant, rigorous, repeatable processes 
  • Hard-to-find experts in medical writing, statistical analysis, clinical trial reporting
  • Clear study planning 



Whether you need a dedicated functional service team, a few highly skilled resources, or a single expert, gain flexibility and results with Veristat and confidently meet your study milestones.

Learn how we provide you with the right resources when you need them.

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