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Achieving an Aggressive NDA Timeline

Imagine you are completing your regulatory submission project with only nine months left until submission day and you still have to migrate legacy data into SDTM format for 18 studies as well as 2 ongoing pivotal studies. 

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Adaptive Design Fact Sheet

Adaptive design (AD) trials are increasingly popular as they offer the ability to reduce the overall time and cost of running clinical trials.  And, they improve patient safety by minimizing exposure to unsafe or non-efficacious treatments.

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Adaptive Design- Recent Advancement in Clinical Trials

By John Balser, PhD and Mark Chang, PhD

After years of inefficiencies in the clinical trial process, adaptive design trials provide an innovative approach to running a clinical trial and bringing a drug to market.

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Biomarker Driven Adaptive Design for Precision Medicine

By Mark Chang, PhD

With an increasing desire for the use of precision medicine, an understanding of biomarker-driven designs is vital when preparing for a clinical trial.

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Cardiovascular Experience Fact Sheet

With Cardiovascular Diseases being the leading cause of death worldwide, Veristat is committed to supporting cardiovascular clinical trials to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from these diseases.

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Competing Risk Analysis in a Large Cardiovascular Clinical Trial: An APEX Substudy

By Douglas Arbetter, MPH

Competing risk analysis methods present a new way to understand how an event could minimize the chance that a subject will reach the desired endpoint necessary for a clinical trial.

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Different Approaches for Preparing a Marketing Application

Preparing your marketing application for one or more regulatory agencies is a very exciting time and milestone in the drug development process. 

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Different Approaches for Preparing a Marketing Application

Replay the webinar presention where our experts review actual case studies where we implemented completely different approaches for migrating data, performing analysis and writing the various modules of the marketing applications to achieve the submission deadlines.    Learn more now.

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Essential Considerations for Adaptive Design in Clinical Trials

In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released final guidance on adaptive design in medical device trials with the intent to provide clarity on adaptive design planning and implementation, and to encourage its use.

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