Grow Your Career

At Veristat, employees are encouraged to own their careers. You set the course and we offer the support and guidance to help you achieve your goals because we’re on your team as much as you’re on ours.

“Shortly after getting married last year, my husband received new military orders to South Carolina. Having worked at Veristat for nearly 5 years, I was devastated at the thought of making a career change as well. I approached our Talent & Culture team for guidance and they suggested that I continue in my current role as a remote-based employee. I am so thankful for Veristat’s flexibility and support during this transitional time in my life.” - JENNIFER (AKERSTROM) HARMON, DOCUMENT STANDARDS ASSOCIATE
“As Director of Data Management at Veristat, I participated in several bid defenses and really enjoyed that exposure to business development. After 1 year as Director of Data Management, and with 16 years total in DM, a Business Development Director role in my region became available. I felt I was ready for a career change and, after discussing the position with my manager and the hiring manager, I decided to go for the job. In this new role I get to leverage my past experience while continuing to challenge myself.” - ERIN GAFFNEY, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR
“Over the last 2 years, Veristat has encouraged me to create my own career path by supporting and guiding my growth. I started working at Veristat as a Project Assistant in the Project Management Department. Several months later, I spoke with my manager about my desire to develop additional skills in clinical trials. As a result, I transitioned into the Clinical Project Associate role, which combines Project Management and Clinical Monitoring. Working as a Clinical Project Associate allowed me to interface with all departments, and truly confirmed my interest in Data Management. Once again, my manager supported and guided me in my desire to explore opportunities. I have since transitioned into the Associate Clinical Data Manager role, which provides me with broader experience and meets my career goals. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow my career in Data Management within Veristat." - SONIA HAROUN, ASSOCIATE CLINICAL DATA MANAGER