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COVID-19 Clinical Development and Consulting  

Accelerating the rapid launch of COVID-19 vaccine and treatment trials with confidence. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has transitioned to its endemic stage, the need for developing new vaccines, boosters and treatments continues.  Get started with bold scientific thinking from the clinical and regulatory teams that supported more than 70 COVID-19 clinical trials and consulting projects since the start of the pandemic. 

Our global team of experts are available to assist  with clinical trial design, clinical trial conduct, and all the regulatory and safety support required to keep your clinical development programs on track.  And we offer proven virtual or decentralized trial solutions to ease the burden of patient participation.   

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COVID-19 Clinical Trials and Consulting Projects


IND/CTAs prepared


for COVID-19 Vaccines

Supporting COVID-19 Vaccine, Diagnostic, and Treatment Programs

News:  Congratulations on COVID-19 Vaccine Approval

Veristat study collaboration with HIPRA leads to EMA approval of BIMERVAX® COVID-19 vaccine, the first bivalent recombinant protein vaccine to be authorized in the EU and the first human health vaccine to be designed and developed in Spain.


Scientific Knowledge across a Broad Range of COVID-19 Therapies

COVID-19 Prevention

  • Antiseptic Nasal Sprays 
    Vaccines- DNA 
    Vaccines- mRNA 
    Vaccines- Peptide 
    And more... 

COVID-19 Treatments 

  • Anti-Inflammatories 
    Monoclonal Antibodies 
    And more... 
"We thank the entire Veristat team, who has worked so diligently. We are gratified to know that the efforts and commitment of Verisat has resulted in an approved vaccine to advance protection against the virus.”

Whether you are designing or running a COVID-19 prevention or treatment trial – speak with our scientific experts.


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