Shaheen-Limbada_2019_websiteheadshot_CroppedVeristat_icon_quoteThe time for virtual clinical trial adoption is now. Our flexible virtual trials approach eases the burden of clinical trial participation on the patients, allows trials stalled by COVID-19 to move forward, and improves overall clinical trial conduct efficiency.” 

-Shaheen Limbada, Executive Vice President, Global Clinical Operations, Veristat


Understanding Decentralized Clinical Trials

Gain a better understanding of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) by listening to Veristat’s Shaheen Limbada, Executive Vice President of Global Clinical Operations, as he defines DCTs, describes use cases, and the benefits they offer. 


How to Make a Virtual Trial Toolbox Work?

A virtual clinical trial is more complicated than sending a traveling nurse to visit a patient at their home. Our comprehensive and full-service approach to virtual clinical trial conduct integrates all the processes and technologies necessary for success. We coordinate all communication channels between patients, sites, nurses, labs, and trial monitors.

Virtual clinical trial success requires an integrated approach:

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Establish Digital Patient Recruitment/Retention Methodologies

  • Developing a digital marketing and branding strategies for patient recruitment and education
  • Mobilizing physician-staffed call center to qualify and register patients
  • Managing communication channels between the site, at-home nurse, patient, and other integrated vendors/technologies
Virtual Clinical Trials At-Home Patient Visits


Deploy At-Home Patient Visits

  • Performing study protocol requirements by traveling nurses. A nurse conducts the at-home patient visits as outlined by the study protocol
  • Managing logistics differently - Proven logistics management such as sending supplies to the patient instead of site, facilitating lab work, etc.
  • Collecting source data at home
Veristat Virtual Clinical Trials Using Telemedicine


Launch Virtual Patient Interactions 

  • Connecting patients and treating physicians through Telemedicine (video meetings)
  • Utilizing ePRO, eSource,  and eConsent capabilities that integrate with EDC
  • Monitoring traditional sites and virtual sites remotely



Is a Virtual Clinical Trial Approach Right for You?

At-Home Nurse Visits for Virtual Clinical Trials


Let's Talk.

We understand how challenging it is to adopt a new way of conducting clinical trials. Pivoting to virtual clinical trials is no exception. We have the agility and scientific-minded experts to help you navigate this novel approach to clinical development.

With virtual trials running right now, we have designed a customized virtual trial ecosystem to satisfy both the study and patients' needs





Adopting Decentralized Clinical Trials

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