Clinical Operations Experts

Working diligently to ensure efficiency for study planning and start-up, and throughout your clinical trial.

Within a continually evolving landscape of complex clinical trials, the clinical operations team works with you to optimize clinical trial design, adopt patient-centric approaches and guide you through global regulatory pathways. We work together as an integrated team. We strive to be responsive, flexible and mindful throughout the trial and site management process; looking for innovative ways to improve subject recruitment and retention, and site productivity. 

Veristat. The Science-First CRO.

Helping You Design, Start-Up and Manage your Clinical Trials To Successful Completion

The clinical operations team at Veristat is comprised of highly-skilled professionals who drive the project management, project administration, patient recruitment, patient retention and clinical monitoring and site management functions for your clinical trials.  We never lose sight of your ultimate goal to rapidly advance your medical innovations through the clinical development and regulatory approval lifecycle - to improve or save the lives of patients who need your therapy.  Explore how we can help drive your clinical trial forward.