Agile Vaccine Development Expertise

Accelerating vaccine development to prevent and treat virulent diseases

Vaccine developers worldwide are faced with the challenge of quickly and safely advancing their vaccines through clinical development and approval to prevent millions of deaths every year.   Infectious disease pandemics like Ebola, MERS and COVID-19 come to mind currently, requiring a rapid response to regional or global outbreaks. Equally important are vaccines to prevent or treat cancers, viral, and bacterial infections that impact the length or quality of human lives.  

Understanding Vaccine Trials

We understand that vaccine development has a unique set of challenges, so Veristat has assembled an extraordinary team of scientific-minded experts who have planned and executed over 140 vaccine clinical trials and supported numerous marketing applications.  

Whether a vaccine to prevent or treat cancer recurrence or progression, or rapidly responding to an infectious disease outbreak, like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we solve the problems that arise in testing immunotherapy vaccines, live or inactivated viral vaccines or DNA vaccines.

At Veristat, our experienced teams are poised to plan and implement these efforts quickly providing:     

  • Development of regulatory strategy and agency communications 
  • Program Planning, inclusive of statistical planning and analysis 
  • Agile patient recruitment 
  • Rapid deployment of clinical trial databases  
  • Virtual and remote clinical and medical monitoring 
  • Data analysis, migration, and writing of regulatory documents 

Breadth of Vaccine Experience

Veristat Cancer and Preventative Vaccine Indications

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