Strategic Consulting

For over two decades, Veristat has helped pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices firms solve the unique and complex challenges they face throughout the clinical development process.   We’ve guided clients through the planning, conducting, analyzing, and reporting of hundreds of clinical trials across a vast variety of therapeutic areas. Our expert consultants provide high-level strategic consulting services ranging from study design to submission strategies.

Strategic Consulting Expertise 

We  provide you with the knowledge, foresight and expertise to make informed strategic decisions  to accelerate therapies along the development pathway. We can help you with the following:   
  • Advanced study designs
  • Predictive modeling
  • Clinical trial simulation
  • Clinical development planning
  • Advanced analysis plans (ISS, ISE etc.)
  • International regulatory strategy
  • Adaptive Design planning
  • Compound selection
  • Clinical trial rescue
  • Overall Biostatistical Consulting

Strategic Implementation


Our experienced consultants not only help with the strategic vision, but can help you complete the following:

  • Clinical trial design
  • Sample size calculations
  • Protocol writing
  • Case Report Form(s) design
  • Interim analysis plan writing
  • Regulatory Agency representation

Veristat Works Well With Growing Firms

A current client started working with Veristat over 6 years ago as a small venture funded four person company.   Our initial engagement began with strategic consulting for a single clinical development program.    The company has grown to over 300+ employees and we have run 15 of thier studies and provided representation at numerous agency meetings (FDA & EMA) over the course of this growth.   Learn how this relationship evolved to where we are now working on thier first marketing application.

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