Why Choose Veristat?

Just ask our employees! Here’s what they had to say in our most recent Employee Engagement Survey!


Quote-Icon_DkGreen-1Veristat cares about making a difference to our clients and ensuring that employees know why we do this - for the patients. This is far different from any other CRO I have worked in and is incredibly important to me to ensure that we always remember this.   



IQuote-Icon_LimeGreen believe Veristat does a tremendous job of creating a positive work environment and has created a family, tight-knit culture, creating loyalty and reliability in and among team members. I feel valued working at Veristat, and genuinely feel that ideas and feedback is heard and cared about whether positive or negative. Actions are taken and Improvements are routinely made for the physical work spaces, equipment, training, and overall workload.  



Quote-Icon_DkBlueVeristat's strengths include its ability to promote project ownership among its employees, its supportive work environment where we work together to achieve our goals, and its projects that challenge us to think, collaborate, and grow to meet our client's expectations. 

Quote-Icon_GreyStraight from the heart, especially after finishing an exhaustive week, I say the following:  "I absolutely enjoy working here. That is not only because I am very passionate about what I do, I love the people, love the management, love the culture. That brings my Work-Life Balance equation to a very satisfied range. "  



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