Data Monitoring Committees in Clinical Trials

Protect the safety of your patients and ensure unparalleled precision in data analysis and reporting  

Veristat's independent Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) expertise offers unparalleled precision in data analysis and reporting, ensuring the safety, scientific validity, and integrity of clinical trials. DMCs are essential for clinical trials with significant safety concerns, risks, or complexities, providing independent assessment to protect current and future patients. 

By partnering with Veristat, sponsors can trust that their clinical trials are conducted with the highest patient safety and data integrity standards. Our dedication to protecting patients and delivering precise, reliable data analysis ensures that trial outcomes are robust and actionable. When seeking specialized, independent data oversight separate from your CRO activities, trust the unmatched biostatistical foundation of Veristat’s DMC experts.  

Looking for an independent and unbiased review of your clinical trial data?  Let’s Talk. 

Proven DMC Expertise for Complex Trials

Tailored DMC Services 

DMC services provided by Veristat encompass a comprehensive range of offerings aimed at ensuring the integrity, safety, and efficacy of clinical trials, including:

  • Identifying relevant thought leaders
  • Drafting Committee Charter
  • Coordinating Committee meetings
  • Facilitating communications
  • Providing independent clinical trial data analysis
  • Writing meeting minutes
  • Generating patient safety reports
  • Managing safety and efficacy recommendations, particularly for adaptive design modifications

Our statisticians average 25+ years of experience -  as both reporting statisticians and voting DMC members

  • Across Many Therapy Areas including:
  • - Autoimmune/Immunology 
  • - Endocrine/Metabolic 
  • - Infectious Disease 
  • - Neurology/Psychiatry 
  • - Oncology/Hematology 
    - and more… 
independent Data Monitoring Committee Support in Clinical Trials

Ensuring the Success of a Data Monitoring Committee


Expert Biostatistical Foundation

With Veristat’s deep biostatistical expertise, you are assured of unparalleled data analysis and reporting precision, which is crucial for independent DMC activities. 


Enhanced Reporting Standards

Our superior statistical reporting includes executive summaries with hyperlinked, detailed tables, and visual data presentations to ensure complex data is accessible and actionable.


Personalized, Tailored Expertise

Veristat’s DMC services meet each client's unique needs, distinct from large CROs that may not offer the same level of customization and attention. 


Superior Organization and Communication

Our meticulous planning and efficient management of DMC meetings, regulatory compliance, and documentation processes ensures a seamless and transparent experience. 


Need an independent DMC partner?  From small to large-scale DMC projects, let us lead your success. 


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