Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information Services

Be Certain in the Ever-Changing Pharmacovigilance Landscape

Managing safety risks associated with medical therapies and products throughout the entire clinical development and commercial lifecycle is critical.   Veristat offers comprehensive and proficient support for pre-approval and post-market Pharmacovigilance (PV) and Medical Information (MI) services across various categories of medical products, including pharmaceutical drugs (both brand and generic), biologics, radiopharmaceutical drugs, natural health products, and medical devices.

By partnering with Veristat, biotech and pharmaceutical companies can be assured that their pharmacovigilance needs are addressed with certainty, ensuring compliance and safety throughout the product lifecycle.

If you're seeking certainty in managing safety risks and ensuring regulatory compliance for your medical therapies or products, Veristat can help.  Let's Talk. 

Tailored PV and Safety Solutions to Reduce Risk Across the Entire Lifecycle

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced PV professionals ensures the fulfillment of your regulatory requirements through sound processes and efficient systems.

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