Clinical Trial Delivery

Keep your therapeutic development on track, even in our ever-changing landscape

Advancing clinical trials through phase I-III is more complex and challenging than ever due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. At its onset, the outbreak quickly halted or delayed countless clinical trials, some of which are just beginning to restart now. Additionally, COVID-19 restrictions have forced drug developers to rapidly change their approaches to conducting trials primarily by adopting virtual elements. All these changes are decelerating the speed of clinical trials.

Our clinical trial support team understands that clinical trial delays can be catastrophic to you, and your therapeutic. To give you an advantage , Veristat has assembled a team of scientific-minded experts adept at driving trials forward even if it means pivoting to overcome challenges along the way.

Adapting to Rapidly Changing Clinical Trial Norms

  • Trial design modifications due to changing regulatory guidance in response to COVID-19
  • Dynamically changing physical site access restrictions
  • Adoption of virtual technologies such as telemedicine, eConsent, eSource, etc.
  • Slower than normal patient recruitment
  • Introduction of at-home patient visits, local labs
  • Mitigation of data gaps due to a growing trend of earlier patient withdrawal
  • Revising statistical analysis plans due to changing patient populations
  • Deploying newer site models, such as central site model, hybrid site models (mix of on-site and remote), and fully remote site models


Oncology/Hematology Projects


Biologics Projects


Rare Disease Projects


Neuroscience projects


Cell/Gene Therapy Projects

Essential Support During Clinical Trial Conduct

Operationalizing a clinical development plan is highly complex, unique, and requires close collaboration between an interdisciplinary team of regulatory, clinical, medical, statistical, data, safety, and scientific experts. Our teams ensure that the processes are in place to advance through phase I, II, and III trials, even when planned or unexpected challenges arise.

Phase I, II and III Clinical Trial Operations
Clinical, Medical & Project Management Teams Data and Statistical Teams Regulatory & Medical Writing Teams
Monitor and support the clinical trial sites with training Build, test, and deploy clinical trial database(s) Informed Consent Forms
Manage the study timeline, risk mitigation, and overcome the challenges that arise Perform training for site data collection Clinical Study Reports (CSRs)
Provide safety management and reporting throughout trial Rapid data cleaning for data review committees or interim analyses Safety Narratives

The Right Resources to Conduct Clinical Trials

With Veristat, you get the right resources to run your phase I, II and III clinical trials in the rapidly changing environment today. We are ready and equipped to help you solve all the challenges that arise as you try to keep your programs on track.  When you work with Veristat, you get:

  • A scientific-minded partner to navigate the unpredictable​, with regulatory, medical, and statistical insights
  • Quick adaptation of programs not performing
  • Learnings from other therapeutic development programs​
  • Confidence in patient safety, your clinical trial data, and accuracy of your endpoints​
  • An agile plan from first patient in through database lock 

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