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Data Management

2 min read

On-Demand Webinar: Single-Arm Studies for Use as a Registrational Study in Oncology

Single-arm clinical trials are gaining attention as potential registrational studies in oncology research. This webinar provides an overview of single-arm trials, their foundations for registration, and regulatory strategies associated with the US...

1 min read

On-Demand Webinar: Natural History Study for Ultra-Rare Diseases

Were you able to join Veristat’s live webinar- “Strategies for Solving the Challenges of an Extraordinary Natural History Study – Navigating the Patient Experience When Pivoting to a Virtual Model Mid-Study”? 


4 min read

Selecting the Right EDC System for a Clinical Program

Understanding the Various Considerations for EDC Selection


3 min read

Key Strategies for Overcoming Data Analysis Difficulties During NDA/MAA Submissions

When database locks are delayed, or regulatory agencies request additional analyses for new drug applications (NDAs) or marketing authorization applications (MAAs), it seems there is no alternative but to take a hit to the timeline — or is there?


3 min read

Flexibility is the Key to Data Acquisition for Rare Disease Trials

Understanding Why Creative Data Collection Solutions Are Necessary