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Is it Possible to Gain Regulatory Approval Following a Single-Arm Study?

In this case study example - yes.

Veristat developed a thorough regulatory submission strategy and novel efficacy endpoint for the treatment of an ultra-rare and aggressive hematologic malignancy that led to FDA and EMA approval following a single-arm phase I/II study.

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Clinical Trial Conduct During COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Key Lessons Learned during the First Month of the COVID-19 Pandemic Response 

As we are well-rooted in the response phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a flurry of sponsors looking through their pipelines to find either approved or investigational products that could help treat, diagnose or prevent COVID-19.   As such, Veristat spent the first four weeks of the pandemic response supporting five clinical research programs for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.   And, we are rapidly fielding daily requests for more programs.   

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What  to Know Before Considering an Adaptive Design Clinical Trial


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has started encouraging the use of adaptive designs for clinical studies. In essence, adaptive designs allow prospectively planned modifications to a clinical trial based on interim data, provided scientific validity (the ability to draw sound inferences) and data integrity (credibility and reproducibility) are preserved. 

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