Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders 2021

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Meet Veristat at the Virtual event taking place 23-24 February 2021

4384_Gene_Therapy_2020_LogoWe understand how high the stakes are with gene therapy programs, and that nothing is standard about the study design, study conduct or regulatory process.  Join us at the 4th Annual Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders to learn about the manufacturing, clinical, and commercialization challenges drug developers face when bringing gene therapies to market.


Veristat Event:

Attend our Presentation on Gene Therapy Trials:

Join to hear Veristat discuss our gene therapy expertise across the clinical development pathway including:

  • Implementing central site models, virtual trials, and novel clinical trial designs to benefit patients and sponsors alike
  • Collaborating with global regulatory agencies to gain buy-in to novel clinical trial designs
  • Utilizing Long-Term Follow-Up strategies to support safety and efficacy data during and beyond approval



"Gene Therapy: Creative Solutions for Complex Clinical Development Pathways | Case studies from Clinical Trials"

February 24, 2021 at 11:30 AM EST

Speaker: Rachel Smith, Project Director, Veristat


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