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SFL, a Veristat company, will attend the Rare Disease Action Forum (RDAF)

The RDAF brings together representatives from industry, healthcare provider organizations, and patient and research organizations involved in the rare disease community.

We are pleased to announce that SFL team members will host and moderate the RDAF workshop on post-marketing registries for rare diseases: their framework, setup, and management.

RDAF’s President and SFL’s Senior Vice-President, Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani, will open the event and report on the  association’s activities designed to improve access to treatment in Switzerland.

Featured Speakers


Xavier Luria

VP, Regulatory Affairs Europe, Veristat
Xavier Luria, MD, is a physician and independent regulatory consultant supporting the advancement of drugs and devices to market. He is the former Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Europe of Veristat, where he provided strategic and implementation counsel across the spectrum of global regulatory and pharmacovigilance services for drugs, IVDs, and medical devices.

Xavier Luria

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Europe, Veristat
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Conference Details

To register for the event, and for additional information on RDAF, visit https://rda-forum.org/multi-stakeholder/





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