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April 30, 2018

Blog Image_Body OCT EastAre you looking to discover more effective strategies for outsourcing your clinical trial operations and marketing application development to ensure that  your trial runs smoothly and within budget?  

Then meet up with Veristat at booth #74, at the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Coast 2018 event.  


The event will address many of the key challenges and solutions in clinical development today, including:

  • Discussing the cost-benefit analysis of using external consultants or partners in clinical trials
  • Adopting strategies for small companies to ensure you get the A-team for your study
  • Discussing best practices for developing clinical trial RFPs allowing effective vendor comparison to identify the best option for your trial
  • Weighing up the best practices for adequately assessing which site is best in terms of investigators and capabilities
  • Exploring challenges faced by start-ups and early stage biotechs, specifically vendor selection and management with minimal resources to ensure end points are reached
  • And much more....


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