Veristat to Moderate MassBio Forum on “Recent Advances and Initiatives in Data Sharing”

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May 17, 2017

Join Veristat and MassBio at the upcoming forum to understand the concepts behind the collection, storage and use of clinical trial and research data. 

LinkedIn Image_MassBio_Data Sharing_post 1.pngForum Title:   Recent Advances and Initiatives in Data Sharing

Date:  Thursday, June 8, 2017

Time:  8:00 AM - 10:00 AM.

Location:   MassBio Office, 300 Technology Square 8th Floor, Cambridge MA US 02139



Our speakers are members of the Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard (MRCT Center) and have been involved in multiple efforts to enhance access to clinical trials data by promoting data sharing and transparency.

The discussion at this forum will focus on:

  • What is data sharing, and how is it useful:
    • For design of clinical trials
    • As historical controls
  • How can shared data be used in clinical research and in clinical trials?
  • What is the FDA perspective on the use of shared data?  Is the EMA perspective different?
  • How can Biotech companies provide and use shared data (the Biogen perspective)?
  • Shared Data platforms – Vivli as a case study
    • How does a universal platform benefit all stakeholders who participate?
    • Who has access to shared data?
    • How are intellectual property rights maintained?


Email Headshot_Cindy Henderson.pngCindy Henderson,
Executive Vice President,
Strategic Development,






  • Barbara E. Bierer, MD, Faculty Co-Director, Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Harvard and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (MRCT Center), and Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
  • Joanna Koft, Director, Data Standards & Governance , Biogen
  • Rebecca Li, PhD, Executive Director, Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Harvard and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (MRCT Center)


View the Presentation or Archived Video of the Event

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