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Future Trends on European Regulations on Medicines

The European Commission announced on 25 November 2020 the adoption of the new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe. It is an approach intended to ensure strong, fair competitivity and green industry, fostering patient access to innovative and affordable medicines. It will ensure an autonomous and robust supply chain and a stronger EU voice at the global level by promoting a high level of quality, efficacy and safety standards. 

The Pharmaceutical Strategy is based on 4 main pillars:

  • Accessibility and affordability of medicines for patients and addressing unmet medical needs
  • Competitiveness, innovation and sustainability 
  • Diversified and secure supply chain 
  • Ensuring a strong EU voice in the world  

Also, as part of the Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe, the Orphan Regulation 141/2000 and the Pediatric Regulation 1901/2006 are under revision and the European Commission adoption is expected by Q4 2022.   

Veristat Regulatory experts will examine and discuss the new medicinal products Regulatory framework in Europe. This webinar will include a Q&A session with our experts.  

Our experts  share their experience of knowledge with regards to the following aspects:

  1. Unmet medical need  
  2. Accessibility and affordability 
  3. Competitive and innovative European pharma industry 
  4. Enhancing resilience – diversified and secure supply chains, environmental sustainability. 
  5. Ensure EU voice globally 

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