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First and foremost, we understand that many health authorities, governments and biopharmaceutical companies have shifted their focus to the global pandemic and how to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID-19. However, we can’t dismiss the number of novel therapies currently in development or in the approval process for the multitude of other diseases affecting people worldwide. Utilizing the new guidance from FDA and other regulatory agencies, we are here to help keep your current programs moving forward and can address concerns that may arise.

Virtual Clinical Trial Conduct with TelemedicineThe COVID-19 Pandemic is driving the rapid need and adoption of virtual trials where patients are treated at their homes instead of going into a clinical site/office/hospital.  We are running virtual trials right now by designing a customized virtual trial ecosystem to satisfy both the study and patients' needs. 

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Getting Your Product Approved Is More Complex and Competitive Than Ever


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Cardiovascular Experience Fact Sheet

With Cardiovascular Diseases being the leading cause of death worldwide, Veristat is committed to supporting cardiovascular clinical trials to make a difference in the lives of ...


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Different Approaches for Preparing a Marketing Application

Preparing your marketing application for one or more regulatory agencies is a very exciting time and milestone in the drug development process. 


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We understand that the stakes are high no matter where you are in your development program. The stress, anxiety and uncertainty about ongoing,
new, or COVID-19-related clinical programs is overwhelming. We have the agility and scientific-minded experts to help you navigate these uncertain
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