Employee Profile: Eric Hardy - Manager of Data Management

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By Robin Brodrick

Veristat-Eric-Hardy Eric Hardy, Manager of Data Management at Veristat

Employee Profile: Eric Hardy - Manager of Data Management in Montreal, Quebec

Eric Hardy got his start at Veristat in July, 2013 as the Associate Manager of Data Management. He was promoted to Manager of Data Management in 2014. He works in Veristat's Montreal office.

What was your first job?

Eric's first job was working for his father as a Grocery Store Clerk. His first job in the industry was as a Research Assistant at a small biotech company.

What was your first impression of Veristat?

That it was a small company that is growing. After a few weeks of working here he noticed that sometimes it's difficult to change small business processes. He felt that we wanted to become a larger company, but were having a hard time getting rid of the mentality that 'everybody does everything' like in a small company.

What is your favorite memory of working at Veristat?

The first international company meeting in September, 2014. It was very nice of Veristat to bring out all of the Montreal employees and have them come to Holliston. There were some panels where people discussed specific topics and there was a town hall meeting where the latest achievements were presented and the future of the company was discussed. It was held at The Warren Center in Ashland, MA and was a very nice group experience.

Veristat's-First-International-Company-Meeting Veristat's First International Company Meeting

Veristat's First International Company Meeting Veristat's First International Company Meeting

What do you find most challenging about working for Veristat?

The fact that my direct supervisor is in a different office. When you don't meet your supervisor a lot it's a different kind of relationship because it's on the phone.

What do you wish other people knew about Veristat?

It's a very good company that is open minded and listens to its employees.

What do you think will change about Veristat in the next five years?

The number of employees will change because we are constantly growing. We are opening a third office in San Francisco and also growing the Montreal office.

What is it like to be a Manager of Data Management at Veristat?

It's a very interesting position because many people are remote, but all work closely together. I mentor many levels of Data Managers from very junior to very experienced. I mentor by answering questions, providing advice, delegating, and asking employees to do things that they haven't done before.