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Team Veristat Raised over $50K To Support Rare Cancer Research

Our Challenge:   Join the Battle to Beat Rare Cancers

Our Impact:   $150K Raised to Support Rare Cancer Research

For a fifth consecutive year, Team Veristat accepted this challenge in the 2019 Boston #cycleforsurvival event!   We exceeded our goal of raising $50,000 to support rare cancer research.

Team Veristat At Cycle for Survival Boston 2019


At the 2019 Boston event on Saturday, Feb 2, 2019  our team:

  • Exceeded our highest ever goal of raising over $50,000
  • Was a Top Raising Team 
  • Doubled our team size since our first year
  • Brought our total fundraising over the past 5 years to over $150,000

Every single one of our lives has been touched by cancer – ourselves, a family member, friend or a loved one.  


It’s Not Too Late to Help Those Fighting Rare Cancers

Donate today. Your efforts will fight cancer and make a real impact for people who have few, if any, treatment options.

We help our clients navigate the challenges in clinical development and bringing medical innovations to market which motivates us to work hard and make a difference every day. 

Help us make a continual and lasting impact by joining the battle against rare cancers! 



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