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decentralized trials

1 min read

The Rise of Decentralized Clinical Trials: Transforming Research Through Technology and Patient-Centricity

Learn how decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) are reshaping the clinical research landscape. Explore the insights shared by Shaheen Limbada, EVP of Innovation and Strategy at Veristat as he discusses the lessons learned from the pandemic, the role of...


2 min read

On-Demand Webinar: Decentralized Trial Solutions for Complex Clinical Trials

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) are becoming increasingly popular to optimize patient engagement and retention. At the same time, making DCTs a successful reality for the most complex studies is considered difficult given the many logistical and...


3 min read

Joining HIPRA to Take Aim at the Continuing Challenges of COVID-19

UPDATE – Veristat study collaboration with HIPRA leads to EMA approval of BIMERVAX® COVID-19 vaccine, the first bivalent recombinant protein vaccine to be authorized in the EU and the first human health vaccine to be designed and developed in Spain.


2 min read

A Paradigm Shift in Monitoring Clinical Trials

What we know as work has experienced a major transformation. This shift and the changes it precipitated have affected how we now conduct and perform monitoring of clinical trials.